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Gillian Million offers their clients the most exclusive Designer Wedding Dress collection due to a high demand for designer dresses at affordable prices.  We take in dresses which are less then two years old but also we have sample and catwalk dresses.  It has been so successful and our brides enjoy the experience of purchasing designer wedding dresses in a truly beautiful environment  with exceptional customer service where brides are only seen one at a time with the whole shop exclusively theirs for an hour without a charge for appointments! 

Our dresses are dry-cleaned and in their original packaging and are all absolutely stunning from designers all over the world where only the best laces and silks are used and the dresses are created with perfection.  Our dresses are mostly from £2500 to £15,000 and now a fraction of their original price.

We also have the benefit of our bespoke accessories and veils to try on with the dresses.  We have a 16 year collection of the most varied accessories and gorgeous silk veils all made in London to the customers specifications and budget .  

We have a seamstress who is excellent and reasonable and can do any of the necessary alterations.

Please call our team on 020 89770588 who are always happy to help you with dresses to sell or appointments to try on our beautiful dresses.  Alternatively, fill out the forms below.  
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Gillian Million Atelier for Quintissentially Weddings
About Us
Gillian Million is an Atelier of the most exquisite and luxurious wedding accessories all designed to order by her extremely talented creative team who design and create to perfection.  Gillian creates bespoke pieces for brides all over the world including celebrity and royal clients. 

Designer Wedding Dress Agency
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Clients booking bespoke appointments will benefit from the very special, unique and valued relationship which Gillian builds with her customers as she aims to exceed the expectations of every bride, whether this be in person, or via Skype.

Open 7 days a week and evenings by appointment.
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